Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sue Scheff vs Carey Bock: Proving Free Speech will not allow Internet Defamation

People have asked me why Carey Bock continues to slander and post lies about me and twisted truths, well with an $11.3M judgment over her head (most likey for the rest of her life) it seems she has nothing left to lose, so why not? At least educated people are wise enough to see her vengeance and why she continues. Some people don’t learn from their mistakes. I have spoken with others and received others that have been victims of Carey Bock’s malicious attacks when she doesn’t get her way. I guess I am just added to that list.

She continues to write lame excuses of the lawsuit - when she vigorously litigated it for over 2 years - and a jury read through all her malicious and defamatory posts and awarded damages of over $11M.

The truth prevailed as she and her small group of minions continues to write lies and twisted truths to attempt to justify her loss.

Sure - I have made mistakes too, the difference is, I have always admitted them! “Wit’s End!” is a perfect example of admitting my mistakes and people can learn from them!

Guess WWASPS/Carolina Springs Academy and Carey Bock have a lot in common (besides using the same law firms): Trying to convince people the juries made a mistake. Thankfully in both my cases, the truth prevailed.